Looks like i may have gotten myself a boyfriend~ he is from seoul, tall, skinny, and a photography student. Hot.

I think i need to chill out…i just got a text from the taxi driver who took me home last night. I totally dont remember what we talked about but i think he took me to the mini stop to get tea and kissed me? Ahhhhh I shouldve just waited for the buses to run…><

Still alive. ㅋㅋ bigbang reference~ and yes, last night was everything I ever thought it would be. Chicken, hot endless sex, AND he cleaned the kitchen while I was in the shower♥.♥ …a pure gem.

Also he doesnt speak English? what? what am i doing?

Waiting outside my apt for this boy i met on an app to come over…he sent me tons of penis pics and promised to order chicken once he’d arrived. How could I refuse that??

Samsung SHW-M220L

This happened in my real life today. And he was hot. And I got his number.

Still dating/talking to Model but if JK asked me to be his gf I’d totally say yes ㅠㅠ

They always buy us drinks but I wish they’d buy us breakfast.

It feels really shitty when your date gets canceled at the last minute :( I need to become tougher when it comes to stuff like this. I literally just layed in bed with a frown on my face until i fell asleep. Four hours and a nap later and I’m still sulking!

My middle school students have no motivation in my class. Which makes me have no motivation to teach them. My boss’s solution is to hit them. I totally dont want to do that. But she is sooo adament about it. Im kinda upset about the whole thing. On top of that im sick. Im kind of growing bitter about life in general. This is not a good attitude for a teacher. :(