Transition to 7hrs later after work. I headed over to the coffee shop across the street I’ve been going to semi regularly for about two weeks now. All the staff are super nice and they always try to say things in English for me, which isn’t all that necessary, but I appreciate their effort. There is this one guy that works there, I guess he is maybe about 3 or so years younger than me, but he always acts really nervous when I come in. I don’t know if its the English or what but one time he had to help him mid transaction. I don’t know why. Caramel Macchiato sounds pretty much the same in English and Korean. All the same, its comical and I like going in there to do my Korean homework. Today I was feeling pretty confident in my Korean so I said “noc cha latte juseyo” He looked SO excited. Then the other girl asked “hot or cold” haha. 

I stayed there about an hour and a half. I think there were about 3 or 4 other little groups in there when I was leaving. I went to go put my tray up and he saw me he came over and gave me a little bag with cheese puffs in it, and said “service!” hahaha he was smiling and it was just really funny and cute to me at the time. I smiled really big and thanked him and said goodbye. I know its not a big deal to get service at places, I’ve gotten it before a few times, but never when I was leaving. in to-go form. It just seemed funny. But it made me really happy. I felt like he’d been waiting for me to leave so he could give it to me. After the med student disappoinment, that tiny gesture was a good pick me up. I smiled the whole walk home. It was even raining!

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